Oh how I wish I had paid more attention to my mother {Martha} in the kitchen.

Growing up, I had daily opportunities to be her southern sous chef but, I let it pass me by.  A precious gift she had to offer, I regretfully failed to receive.

Every weekday, she had dinner on the table when Dad got home from work, as well as, Sunday’s after church.

The flavors.

Those iron skillets.

Winston Churchill

She was an excellent southern cook and canner and baker and gardener.

Every meal, birthday cake, harvested fruit and veggie, whether freshly served or canned, contained an ingredient only she could supply.  Her love.  The tangible marinated in the intangible.

She loved cooking for others.  If you ever ate from her kitchen, you knew you were receiving a gift from her.  She taught me the food is not the experience, per say.  It is the experience the food is serving.

Personally, I have my go-to dishes and meals I can prepare well.  The fake it until you make it things in life.  I am not the worst cook in the world but, I certainly am not on track to becoming a caterer in the near future.

Single-serving is where my easy-peasy recipes and I think I am the ‘Next Food Network Star’ attempts, with a dash of some single shenanigans, will be posted.

I cannot guarantee any nutritional value will be found here whatsoever.  I do guarantee some deliciousness and delightfulness will be served up.




  1. {i am your new stalker} {bahaha!} :)
    i think many of us wish we’d learned more of the domestic skills from our mamas… i just thought i was going to conquer the world and wouldn’t need to know such things. silly girl. 😉

    • If you stalking me is wrong, I don’t want it to be right! teehee 😉
      Touché! :)

  2. Pat Freeman says:

    Anytime you want to get some practice canning (next summer anyway) just let me know! I’ll gladly accept help with the canner!

  3. Johnny Marlow says:

    No one (except maybe Uncle Bobby) could make biscuits like your Mom. After Granny and Pap moved, I used to keep my fingers crossed that Aunt Marthy would be there making breakfast when we drove in from Ohio. Ok now I’m hungry.

    • “Cat-head” biscuits! I love that you are on here reading and commenting and sharing your memories! And, I love you! Thank you :)


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