Taco Soup


Why hello, Autumn!

So nice to feel you in the cool crisp air and see your presence all around {again}.

Go ahead, embrace me with all that you are.

I surrender to your golden splendor.

As usual, you make me want warm soup and to snuggle and wear boots and scarves.

So, that is what I have been doing. Because that is what I do when you come to town.


For the first time, I noticed autumn and taco soup share a similar color scheme.

Love when I see something in a new way.


What it takes to make it happen ::

1-2 lb(s) ground beef or turkey or veggie “meat” or no meat

Chopped onion (cooked with meat or not with meat)

2 cans Rotel

1 can pinto beans

1 can navy beans

2 cans black beans

1 can super sweet whole kernel corn (drained)

1 package taco seasoning

1 package ranch dressing mix

1 1/2 cups of water

About the H2O :: this is what the recipe calls for but, I always use more.

Either the recipe is wrong or I boil the hound out of it.  Autumn can decide.


Where is the onion in the pictures, one might ask?

Forgot.  Amateur mistake.  Won’t let it happen again.

If you look real close… it is in there… zoom in if you need to…

Taco Soup

You will see meat in there too (made this for a friend).  I have tried two different veggie “meats” in the past but, I am still on the fence about that stuff.

Some of my meat eating friends and I concluded :: taco soup is just as yummy with or without meat.

Serve this bowl of aut-YUM tastiness with sour cream, shredded cheese, and tortilla or corn chips.

So you know :: this recipe makes a taco ton of soup so, it is far more than a single-serving.

Taco Soup




  1. Deidra Messinger says:

    Oh my! I can’t wait to make this! Hope you are doing awesome! I am in the process of getting a blog started, so I’ll let ya know…

    • Trish says:

      Hi Deidra! It is yummy. Thank yoU! Very exciting! Yes, please let me know…looking forward to it… xo


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