Emotional Vampires


They’ve come to suck your bloood!  You know those people or situations that drain. the. life. out. of. you.  The life moments that make you feel like you really just might need some packed red blood cells.  STAT!  You know, the times you feel like you stayed in the Medic bus one pint of blood too long.

Whether it is the kitty litter box, laundry, an acquaintance, a family member, your finances, your circumstances, a situation at work, the neighbor, your spouse, your children, other people’s children… you get my drift… blood suckers are all around us!  These real life situations are nothing like the thrilling and sexy scenes from some vampire/werewolf movie.  Not even close.


The Count on Sesame Street had it going on with the number thing.  Ooone, twooo, threee, fourrr… count it out!

After you’ve counted to a bazillion, gathered a mirror to confirm vampire status, purchased some garlic and a bright spotlight, filled your flask with Holy water, and cut down a tree in your yard to carve the world’s largest dagger, where do you go to renew your emotional wellbeing?

In certain medical situations a blood donor is directly hooked to the blood recipient.  Cool, right?


I need… you need… we need… a “spiritual donor”.

God.  Prayer.  Meditation.

Sister.  Parent.  Friend.

A good book.  Exercise.  Blog.  Garden.

A warm bubble bath with candles.

Oh wait.  The latter reminded me of the movie ‘Lost Boys’.  The blood sucking older brother, with a little help from the family dog, maintained self control; stopping shy of sucking the life from his bathing younger brother.

I humbly admit I become emotionally drained.  The feeling I am as weak as bloody water.  One of the reasons I started {soul}thern spirit was to shift my focus from the vampires.  If I shift my focus, I renew my emotional spirit, and take back my power.  My friends, this isn’t always easy for me.  But, until I become Chopra or Tolle like, I will continue to use those bloody vampires to suck me closer to a spiritual balance, which draws me closer to {GOD}.

So, thank you, emotional vampires!  You suck only as much as I allow you to.  So, bite me!





  1. Ginger says:

    Amen Sister!

  2. love it, trish… perfect!! love the pics, too!

  3. LOVE IT!


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