Consignment Couture


In reFURbished I shared how I shop consignment in order to clothe myself with fur, without short-circuiting my animal loving mind and cutting out my animal loving heart.

Some would call this justification.

Or hypocrisy (for the real all up in your face and business critics).

Don’t judge.

Let’s call it creativity.

Innovative, even.

Being the self-proclaimed creative clothing innovator that I am, I have found some fabulous fashions at consignment and antique shops.

Furs, petticoat, coats (fur and wool and ultra fem) and such.

A few months back my spirit sister Amy and I were perusing a local consignment shop when I found this jacket and top.

Perfect pieces for Autumn layering.

Consignment Couture

Then without warning, like a possessed person, I said, “I should shop only consignment for one year! The adventure of it and places it will take me will be just as fun as the shopping!”

Excuse me?!?  Who said that???  I hear crazy people.

AND no, I don’t speak in italics.  But there, I said it.

Now, Amy is the type of friend who will support you until {the lifting of the veil}.  As long as no children or animals or the elderly are being negatively affected, Amy will rah-rah me and help pick out the cutest outfit that best suits whatever crazy-pants plan I conjure up.  So of course, Amy was all like, “Yes! And, I will do it with you!”  Me, “OK!!!”

When I left that day I started with all the “what if’s”.  What if I need something for something and I can’ t find it at consignment?  What if, for instance, I want a polka dot top and I can’t find one? I bet I could find one at such and such or such.

Reality :: I don’t need anything.  I have plenty, so I shouldn’t want for anything.  As a matter of fact, I could go without buying a single item for a year… or longer.


Then I realized it was more than the fun and adventure.  The discipline I would have to exert could and would be a spiritual one {for me}.  I needed to explore and honor where that voice spoke from.

I have learned with ALL of life, if I am open, I will see and feel and know {spirit}.  Something is happening here.  So listen up!

Consignment Couture

A couple of weeks after my new clothing hiatus declaration, I learned of the book ‘7 an experimental mutiny against excess’.  In ‘7’ the author limits herself to seven items of clothing for a month (there is way more to her experiment but, this is what initially resonated with me). Her experiment and my adventure are not the same but, I considered learning of this book as an affirmation.  Thank you.

Consignment Couture

Did I set any rules or guidelines?  Dang skippy!  A must.

1.  Absolute refusal to buy recycled undies.  Goes without saying why.

2.  Rule 2 is basically rule 1 but, shoes.  I am open to breaking this rule IF I come across some super fabulous, barely worn, non-funky shoes.

3.  Hair accessories do not apply {once}.  I made this rule up when I found a vintage inspired hairband at a boutique thinking it was all vintage.  Uhm no.  It was all vintage inspired but, also all new.  {sigh}

4.  No “new” jewelry.  Period.

Consignment Confession :: I allowed myself to stock up on new white long sleeve t’s.  Because to be honest, my old ones are stained and will be better used as an oil rag (as if I personally change the oil in my vehicle) or a dust rag or some other dirty work rag that doesn’t involve them ever being back on my body.  There is only so much bleach can do, people.

Back to the vintage inspired boutique that I thought was vintage, the salesclerk told me about a vintage shop in Asheville.  Googled it.  There are more than one.

Guess what?  It just so happens Amy, Gretchen and I are heading there this week to The Daily Love – Enter the Heart tour.

After a night of Kundalini yoga and immersing myself in {love}…  It’s so on.

Oh the interconnection.



  1. Tina M says:

    I LOVE thrift shops!! Sasha and I drive far and wide to plunder for special treasures! I get a rush from finding awesome clothes. Actually I haven’t bought any new jeans ( with one exception, and those get a hole in them in less than one years worth if wear ) in years. Today I’m sitting in thrift shop jeans and a top!! I too will not buy undies or shoes at the thrift stores. LOL! Call me fugal or tight! I HATE paying full price for anything!! LOL!! I love reading your stuff!! XXOO!

    • Trish says:

      {LOVE} it! I should do a post with pics of fabulous finds readers submit… including you and Sasha! So, prepare! 😉 Thank you!!! Makes me happy-happy! XOXO!!

  2. Natasha Lawson says:

    Hey Trish,
    My moms a great consignment store in Rogersville called The 2nd Hand Boutique. I used to help her run it. Great clothing, shoes, accessories & more. Lots of barely worn or items still with tags. She’s extremely picky on what is accepted so nothing with any spots, or “thrift store” smells, etc. She’s open Mon-Sat so you should check it out.

    • Trish says:

      Hi Natasha!
      EEEEEE! Thank you so much for sharing! I will definitely check it out and post what I find! So fun :)