the blogger behind {soul}thern spirit :: about Trish

Hi there and welcome!  I am Trish.  I consider myself a speck of spiritual bling, humbly doing the human thing.  A God appointed furiend to His fuzzy creatures and a working professional who, as cliché as it may sound, is exploring {my} life’s purpose.  I adore anything and everything that brings me closer to God and embraces me with the feeling of spirit.  I am an occasional DIYer and cook and my own interior designer.  I love {love}, animals, reading, music, a great colorist and stylist, fashion, all things vintage… AND, I have a borderline unhealthy uhhhbsession with coffee.

I am the middle of three girls.  And from the looks of it, at age 7 my feet were adult size.  Wow.

three sisters

AND, I think it is safe to say, this picture captured the very moment Middle Child Syndrome set in.  My poor parents.


As my journey would have it, I am a single and childless 40 year old living in a lovely small southern town that, as if to mock me, recently landed the #3 spot on the top ten worst cities for singles.  So, along with “courting” my purpose; I am feverishly trying to balance life with work. For the sake of keeping it real, my clinical background and Masters in Business Administration blesses me with a great career but, there needs… has… to be a healthy balance between personal and professional.  Please and thank you!

So, I decided to start blogging thanks to the prompting of a whispering voice.  You know The One.

Here I am.  Living {my} truth.  Making every effort to be vulnerable and expressive.  Punching all my fears and insecurities in the face!  I intend on doing this as stylishly as possible (because I love me some fashion), while surrounding myself with the things that matter (God, spirit, love, home, family, critters, friends and such) and serving a single-sized pescetarian (not to be confused with Presbyterian) meal… or takeout.

DISCLAIMER: I cannot promise this is where the whisper wants me to be but, I believe the experience will be AWEsome. There is a reason I am here and there is a reason you are here. If you wish, please feel free to join me on this journey. Perhaps, it’s not even my journey, it is yours, or even better, it is ours. Let’s find out!